Talking Point Communications

What every business needs is an active and suitable voice. A voice that allows it to interact with all its stakeholders through the right channels. A voice that puts across its purpose clearly, while remaining true to its mission and values. A voice that helps it become a talking point, for the right reasons.

PR has long been relegated to a one-size-fits-all approach.
Well, that just isn’t how we do things.

At Talking Point Communications, we believe in harnessing the potential of businesses, by using our expertise to extract the right information and present it meaningfully. We clearly articulate your vision to your stakeholders by defining and growing your brand’s ‘voice’ in the right circles.

We can pull off traditional media campaigns with as much ease as we do a viral, organic/earned PR activation. We believe in thinking out-of-the-box but in line with our client’s unique brand.

We don’t operate as another interface between brand and media, but as complete communication partners.

We also provide crisis communication services because we understand that every business needs some situations to be handled discretely and sensitively.

Our purpose remains to build thought leadership and facilitate impactful conversations on behalf of our clients across industries.

Reach out and let us transform how your business communicates.

What makes us different?

An integral part of the IJCP family, a leading and well reputed Medical Communications Group started in 1991, we at Talking Point Communications:

  • Have a national network
  • Access to a large database of influencers across sectors
  • Vast experience across healthcare and non-medical clients
  • Good media relations
  • An existing reputation in the market
  • Capability of organizing large scale events
  • A reputed internal NGO partner-The Heart Care Foundation of India